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LED Screen Manufacturer

Led Screen Manufacturer

As INTEGRAL Screen systems, We produce high quality LED display systems. Our products are produced with the highest technology of the world in Our factory located in Turkey.

Our main products are ; outdoor and indoor led screens, stadium score boards, stadium advertising boards, show and organizational led screens. Our products are used by important organizations and institutions in many countries of the world with appreciation.  We continue to develop technologies that will make our customers happy by adding our knowledge and experience to Our 12 years of experience. We know that it's hard to keep up with advanced technology all the time but We work for it.


Why LED Screen?

High performance in daylight and darkness. Durable and long-lasting. More attractive than standard signboards. Easy usage and installation. Economical. You increase your customer potential through LED screens.

Durable. It can run for 100,000 hours. It has low temperature and light pollution. It can provide single and multi-color light when needed. Led screen is one of the most preferred products of outdoor advertising.